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29th-Dec-2014 07:47 pm - [sticky post] friends only
ian doyle

I plan to make the most part of my posts friends only, so in case someone would check if my LJ is an active one, this is the reason for lack of public / recent posts.
Maybe things will change but rigth now  I want to feel confortable with the few people I trust
If anyone would like to tell me something or contact me, feel free to leave a message here :)

I don't mean to be rude, but I am not adding people just because they add me, especially if I don't know them, I never spoke to them and if they have a blank LJ (so I will never know how they found me, what fandom they belong to etc).

friendsonlyax7.jpg friends only picture by LLKK5

banner by jimkeller24 (thaaaanks)

a super mega THANK YOU to  


 for the banners "friends only" and "Susanna Thompson fan"

29th-Jan-2011 06:12 pm - Connection
Wishing you all a good weekend.
I am often fighting with my connection. It seems there are interferences that put down my connection. It was happening rarely before, now everyday for many hours. It is driving me crazy. So I'm sorry if I am not commenting or replying, I will do it as soon as I can.

People say that walking on a poo is sign of good luck: today I walked on it and when I came home I had to clean shoes, carpet, floor and then I found out that my laptop was the only pc with no connection. If this is good luck I can't imagine what could be my day without that lucky poo!
22nd-Jan-2011 10:22 pm - Video on youtube
ian doyle
I was searching on youtube when I found this


I tried to embed the video but it didn't work and I could not even edit the entry so I deleted the previous one and restarted all.
I wish you a nice weekend
emily procter

I think we know many of the scenes but I am not sure about few of them. As always for me: better twice than nothing :D
I also like Bones so it is a cute video.
2nd-Jul-2010 05:06 pm - Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna
I checked my earlier posts and this picture is not there in HQ so I thought to share it even if it is not new.

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